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NigeriaNow.com is a News Magazine published by the International Development And Equity Advocates Corporation, herein after referred to as the IDEA Corp, a Maryland, USA company. It is a not for profit, nongovernmental, non-partisan organization with the aim of providing a holistic information web portal devoted to uncovering, maintaining and enhancing  knowledge on Nigeria and its people via robust and uncensored perspectives and sources. Because information is never known, at least not by itself, to hurt anybody, Nigerianow.com provides a gateway for its unrestricted passage. We seek not to amplify the positive nor simplify the negative, or vice versa.

Daily, the website features original and aggregated news articles, video packages, blogs and other information resources on topics across a broad spectrum – from breaking news and   politics to business, law and entertainment, for a global niche audience. Its goal is to be the information portal that satisfies the desire of any and all persons seeking accurate facts about Nigeria, its continent, international bearing, people, politics, business and more.

The magazine also focuses on trans-Nigerian and global trends. As a nation that accounts for about one quarter of all Africans and a fifth of the world’s entire black population, with all its emerging global super potential, its role in both the continent and the world at large cannot be overestimated.

NigeriaNow.com’s editorial mandate is to focus on facts, news and events that have a unique interest and or pronounced impact within the Nigerian society, continental Africa and beyond. Our quest is Development and Equity, and modus operandi is Advocacy.

Our information coverage encompasses Nigeria’s Aso Rock seat of power, its parliament and judiciary; major African capitals; pivots of global power such as The White House, No 10 Downing Street, the European Union, China, India, the Middle East and more, gauging the pendulum of their international muscle.

We monitor the nation’s good-governance index in juxtaposition with official conduct and socio cultural behavior of the society’s political and economic elite. We study any asymmetry between them, striving to proffer panacea for improved coefficients.

We try to insulate the public against the corollaries of its inertia. When necessary, we venture to give voice to the voiceless, and defence to the powerless.

It is our aim to bring equilibrium to the cacophony of the oft arcane voices of political contractions that culminate in stifling differential dominion over the citizenry. We hope to provide positive energy in any effort geared at achieving fusion for peoples who come from a plethora of cultures and background, or at the very worst, negate their inertia.

This is a website of the people, by the people and for the people. As the People’s Magazine, we very much welcome your evaluation and suggestions. Email your comments to us at editor@nigerianow.com